Shaz Confections is a bakery specialty cafe, originated from Hong Kong. Our signature crepe cakes are layered with handmade paper-thin crepes  and fluffy fresh or Chantilly cream. We use the finest ingredients to give you the best quality crepe cakes and other confections. Our selection of confections are inspired by travels and experiences around the world. We make full use of the natural sweetness from the ingredients to create the unique low-sugar recipes for our confections. We continue to innovate to expand the selection of crepe cakes and other confections for your enjoyment. 

Founder, Ms Sharon Han, is a Singaporean, an ex-banker, an entrepreneur & baker who finds Hong Kong an amazing place to start a confectionary business. It allows her to extend her creativity to the fullest with the adventurous community of locals and expatriates in Hong Kong. She wants to introduce more authentic Asian flavours into her creations.