"Daisy" Ganache Entremet

Refreshing light pink guava ganache with lightly sweet and fragrant white peach jelly. Adding to this refreshing combination is the delicate pistachio joconde and pate sucree. The design is inspired by spring and the lovely flower of daisy.


Comes in 5-inch and 7-inch.



- White peach jelly with dried apricot cube | 杏桃粒白桃啫喱

- Pistachio Joconde | 開心果喬孔達海綿蛋糕

- Guava whip ganache | 番石榴甘納許

- Pate sucree | 甜塔皮

- Hand made chocolate | 手工朱古力

- Silver leaves | 日本食用銀箔


"Daisy" Ganache Entremet

PriceFrom HK$328.00