Mid-Autumn Gift set (Pre-Order till 12 Sept)

This limited edition gift set comes with specially designed boxes & carrier:

*Please note pick-up on 12th September 2021


- 1 exquisite handcrafted Bon S'mores (see below description) 

- 1 canister of loose tea leaves (blended in France, choose from 5 Flavours) 

- 1 stainless steel tea strainer 


Bon S’mores!

 Bonbons, from the reduplication of the French word “bon”, meaning “good”, are moulded chocolate shells with creamy ganache fillings.

 S’more, short-form of the phrase “some more”, is a popular treat made of marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched by crackers.


Combining French bonbons and S’more, and adding special Hong Kong flavours, we create the unique “Bon S’mores” (Good, some more please).


This limited collection of beautifully designed and fully handmade “Bon S’mores” contains six flavours within each set. Every piece is a work of art in itself and is bound to bring delight.  

Size: 12(L) x 2(W) x 1.7(H)cm each

◦ Pistachio praline 開心果脆脆

◦ Sea salt yuzu 海鹽柚子

◦ Dark chocolate 黑朱古力

◦ White chocolate lotus paste 白朱古力蓮蓉

◦ Salted egg yolk 鹹蛋

◦ Hazelnut praline 榛子脆脆


Choose one from our tea selections(blended in France):

1. English Breakfast Tea (Black tea, well-know wake up tea)

2. Eden Rose (Black tea with rose bergamot & lavender, relaxing)

3. After Five (Black tea with cocoa & mint, aids digestion)

4. Parlez Moi D'Amour (Green tea with Raspberry & Ylang Ylang, antioxidants)

5. Pomme D'Orange (Green tea with orange blossoms & orange, refreshing)


Mid-Autumn Gift set (Pre-Order till 12 Sept)

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