Mother's Day Special "Carnation"

We are proud to launch the 2022 Mother's Day Special - "Carnation 康乃馨", a perfect gift for the most important woman in everyone’s life.


This special cake features a 5-inch ganache entremet with exquisite white chocolate decorations resembling the beautiful flower that is used to express sincere love. Customers can choose from the following three options of flavours (shown in the pictures as well):


  1. Rose Lychee Whip Ganache | Lychee Jelly | Joconde
    玫瑰荔枝甘納許 | 荔枝啫喱 | 原味喬孔達海綿蛋糕
  2. Guava Whip Ganache | White Peach Jelly | Pistachio Joconde
    番石榴甘納許 | 杏桃粒白桃啫喱 | 開心果喬孔達海綿蛋糕
  3. Strawberry Whip Ganache | Green Apple Jelly | Olive Oil Joconde
    士多啤梨甘納許 | 焦糖蘋果粒青蘋果啫喱 | 橄欖油喬孔達海綿蛋糕


Every cake comes with a Mother's Day greeting card.


Limited quantity available and pre-order starts now. The earliest pick-up date is 18 April 2022.

Mother's Day Special "Carnation"