Musang King Durian Roll Cake

Our Durian Roll Cake use the highest-grade Musang King (貓山王) durians imported directly from Malaysia. The cake is available in two sizes:


  • Full: 24cm long, weighs 700g+, can cut into 8-10 pieces;
  • Half: 12cm long, weighs 350g+, can cut into 4-5 pieces



  • Musang King durian cream | 貓山王榴槤忌廉
  • Musang King durian ganache | 貓山王榴槤甘納許
  • Chiffon roll | 戚風卷


The current batch is available for pick-up on 24 July after 1:00pm.

Musang King Durian Roll Cake

PriceFrom HK$188.00