Santa's Surprise Gingerbread House

Cinnamon! Ginger! Cloves!

Blood Orange White Chocolate Ganache Mousse


Every piece of this traditional gingerbread house is rolled and baked with love. Santa's house is decorated with colourful handpainted festive icing. 


Surprise your party with the smooth & light Blood Orange white chocolate ganache mousse when you unravel the gingerbread house. 


Old-fashioned mousse is out!

Ganache mousse in the "New Black". 


"chocolate + cream = crème ganache"


*This product contains milk product.

*Size : 15cm x 15cm x 10cm gingerbread house with a 5-inch blood orange white chocolate ganache mousse cake. 

*Comes with a Christmas Card to share your love.



Santa's Surprise Gingerbread House