About us

Give your taste buds a treat at Shaz Confections.


You can find best crepe cakes in Hong Kong here in Shaz Confections, including unique flavours like Pandan coconut, HK milk tea, Black sesame, Purple sweet potato etc. Our signature crepe cakes are layered with handmade paper-thin crepes and fluffy fresh or Chantilly cream. 

All our cakes and confections are well known for their fine ingredients & low sweetness. 


Started in 2017, we have since created other signature confections including Singapore Pandan Chiffon & Gluten-Free selection of cakes & Vegan options. WE believe that everyone deserves something sweet in their life and we want to make it possible for everyone. 

We’re passionate bakers with a commitment to our community and we plan on continuing this tradition for years to come. We strive for excellence amid creativity. We welcome you to come on in and have a bite.

Our founder

Sharon Han, founder of Shaz Confections was a veteran private banker turned entrepreneur/baker. She learned formally from le Cordon Bleu & Savour Australia but more importantly, she learned from numerous experimenting. From there she created many unique flavours for her signature crepe cakes in Shaz Confections.


She started Shaz Confections with the intention to introduce high quality crepe cakes and other cakes & confections in Hong Kong. Recently she has started to develop gluten-free chiffon & cakes in order to expand the confections offerings for a variety of dietary preferences.