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A note from Sharon, Founder of Shaz Confections:「Pandan Cake, a 25-year recipe

"In Singapore and Malaysia, we simply call it Pandan Cake. Somehow in Hong Kong, maybe due to the influence of Japanese chiffon cakes, this cake is better known as Pandan Chiffon. But they are not really the same. Pandan Cake has much more moisture and the best ones use coconut cream. 


Pandan Cake is made famous by a Singaporean brand Bengawan Solo, which is available in the Changi Airport and everyone will take a piece of Singapore with them when they travel. 


I got this recipe more than 25 years ago when I was still living in Singapore learning how to bake. It was shared to me by a lovely lady and the only things that I changed are the temperature and time of baking so that to make the cake look prettier with the pandan green (instead of baked brown) on the outside and taste the same on the inside. And here we are, our best Pandan Cake in Hong Kong. We hope to bring you a piece of Singapore heritage that you can taste by yourself."

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