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Last updated on 02 July 2022

1. By placing an order and completing payment, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of online order by Shaz Confections.

當閣下訂購及完成付款時,即表示你清楚了解及同意Shaz Confections的訂購條款。

2. Once payment is made, the order is confirmed. No cancellation or refund would be accepted once the order is confirmed. No change of product design, size or flavour is allowed once an order is confirmed. 


3. Requests to change pick-up or delivery arrangements must be received at least two working day in advance. A HK$50 administration fee will be charged for each change, payable at the time of the request. In case of change in pick-up or delivery date, the new date cannot be more than 90 days after the original date. Shaz Confections reserves the right to reject any reschedule request.

如需更改取貨或者送貨安排(時間、地址等),請至少提前兩個工作日通知我們。每次更改需收取$50行政費用,並且在提出該申請時支付。對於取貨或者送貨日期的更改,新的取貨或者送貨日期不可以超過原定日期之後的90日。Shaz Confections保留拒絕更改訂單內容的權利。


4. The purchased products should be picked up at the time and location as specified in the order. The order will be void if a customer does not pick up on the designated date. No refund will be made. 



5. We partner with Oddle ( to provide delivery service. To use Oddle's services, customers may need to register an Oddle account and make the payment through Oddle's platform. Shaz Confections is not responsible for any damages to the cakes during the delivery process. 

Oddle (為Shaz Confections提供送貨服務。要使用Oddle的服務,顧客需要註冊Oddle帳戶並通過Oddle的平台付款。對於送貨過程中貨品遭受的損失,Shaz Confections不負有責任。

6. Most of our cakes contain fresh cream, which needs to be kept at low temperature before consumption. We recommend customers to prepare their own cooler bags when pick up the cake. Customers may also purchase reusable cooler bags from us at an additional cost. For all delivery orders of cakes with fresh cream, the purchase of a cooler bag is mandatory.



7. All our cakes are ready for consumption upon arrival, unless otherwise specified. If you plan to consume them at a later time, please put them immediately in a fridge (3-5°C) for continued freshness. Same day consumption is recommended for best taste. Shaz Confections is not responsible for any damages to the cakes due to poor handling after pick-up or delivery.

除非另行通知,我們的蛋糕在送達的時間就已經可以食用。如果需要晚一些時候再食用,請將蛋糕立即放入雪櫃中(3-5攝氏度)以保持新鮮。蛋糕當日食用味道最佳。對於蛋糕於提取或送達之後由於處理不當所帶來的損壞,Shaz Confections不負有責任。


8. Subject to actual weather conditions, delivery and pick-up services may be suspended when typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Signal are hoisted. Customers can reschedule the delivery or pick-up date after normal business operation resumes without additional charges.


9. Some of our cakes may contain allergens such as egg, soy, milk, alcohol and nuts. If you have any special dietary requirements, please  contact us for additional information before placing an order.


10. All photos are for reference only. We may change some ingredients and decorations of the cakes without prior notice.


11. Shaz Confections reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of disputes, Shaz Confections reserves the right of interpretation.

Shaz Confections保留更改有關條款及細則之權利並不會事先通知。如有任何爭議,Shaz Confections保留最終解釋之權利。

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