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"Balloons" 「告白氣球」

"Balloons" 「告白氣球」is inspired by the animation movie "Up" and Jay Chou’s song “Love Confession” (告白氣球). Balloons are the symbol of love in both the movie and the song. 

In this design, the colourful chocolate balloons are not just for decoration, but are there also to serve a special purpose. Put a “love note” for your special one in one of the balloons and watch with joy when he/she discovers your surprise love confession.


The heart-shaped cake body consists of strawberry vanilla mousse with mascarpone custard.



Vanilla mousse | 雲尼拿慕斯

Strawberry jelly with strawberry slices | 士多啤梨啫喱加鮮士多啤梨片

Strawberry mascarpone custard | 士多啤梨馬斯卡彭芝士吉士

Vanilla genoise | 雲呢拿海綿蛋糕

Sable cocoa | 可可甜塔皮


Please allow 5 days of prior notice for this special cake. 請提前五日預定。

Please contact Customer Service (5598 9321) to communicate the customised message in a balloon. 如需在氣球中放置特別訊息,請聯絡客戶服務 (5598 9321).

"Balloons" 「告白氣球」

PriceFrom HK$628.00

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