Crepe Medley by Shaz

Cannot decide which flavour to pick? Why not get them all? Our crepe medley consists of twelve (9-inch) or eight (7-inch) slices of our best crepe cakes, each of a different flavour. 


The 9-inch medley includes all of the twelve flavours listed below, while the 7-inch medley includes the first eight.


1. Pandan Coconut 

2. Rose Lychee

3. Raspberry Cream Cheese

4. Sea Salt Caramel

5. Uji Matcha

6. Hazelnut Orange

7. Hong Kong Milk Tea

8. Earl Grey


(only available for the 9-inch medley)

9. Rose Pistachio

10. Chocolate Vanilla

11. Mango Yuja Cream Cheese

12. Rum and Raisin


*The photo above shows a 9-inch crepe cake medley with 12 slices


Crepe Medley by Shaz

PriceFrom HK$468.00