Rose Lychee Crepe Cake

“Rose and lychee” is one of the most commonly seen flavour combinations. It can be found in cocktails, cookies, puddings, teas, and, of course, cakes. When paired with rose, lychee brings out the fragrance of the flower while having a refreshing and lightly sweet taste of its own.


What’s special about the Rose Lychee Crepe Cake by Shaz Confections is that we use the most traditional rose syrup imported from Singapore, a brand that dates back to 1935. It gives a natural fragrance and aroma of the rose flower with a pleasant light pink colour. The 16-layered crepe cake with a vanilla sponge base is elegantly decorated with fresh cream and flower petals.


Vanilla Sponge | Rose Fresh Cream | Lychee


* Reference photo shows a 7-inch Rose Lychee Crepe Cake.

Rose Lychee Crepe Cake

PriceFrom HK$480.00